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PMTO Informed Training

Throughout the year, we provide no-fee, PMTO Informed trainings for specialists interested in becoming PMTO/PTC certified and for anyone who works with children (child care workers, school staff, medical clinic staff, etc.) This training is not the full training needed to be certified but is a required step for those interested in applying for the PMTO State Trainings. It provides a look into a few of the components of PMTO: Encouragement, Directions, and Emotional Regulation. Please see our PMTO informed training section for more details and to register.

Upcoming PMTO Informed Virtual Training Dates

  • There are no upcoming events currently - please check back soon.


Hands holding a growing seed Monthly coaching is provided to our specialists who are in training and already certified. Coaching attendance is required to achieve and maintain certification and keep fidelity of the model. Specialists contact their assigned coach for more information on upcoming coaching schedules.

PMTO State Conference

2019 PMTO state conference group photo

Michigan PMTO hosts a State Conference every other year. The conference is free to attend and offers important updates, reviews curriculum, and focuses on setting the specialists up for success in their work with families across the state. It also provides an excellent venue to connect and collaborate with specialists across the state to share and brainstorm new techniques and clinical ideas.

More details to come regarding MI PMTO State Conference 2022 (in Kalamazoo, Michigan).

PMTO & PTC State Trainings

PMTO and PTC state trainings are offered annually to specialists who are employed by or contracted through a Michigan county community mental health authority.

For more information regarding State Trainings, please contact us.