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Meet the Team

Mary Ludkte

Mary Ludkte Mary Ludtke is the manager of Innovative Services with the Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Services to Children and Families. She is an active member of cross-system planning and implementation workgroups to ensure access to and behavioral health services for infants, toddlers, children, and their families (MIECHV Workgroup, Great Start Operations Team, Children’s Core Team, Suicide Prevention, etc.).

Mary supports the development and implementation of programs and policies for children with a focus on young children and their families. She has partnered with the University of Michigan to evaluate the Infant Mental Health Home Visiting Model as an evidence-based model. Mary directs the Behavioral Health’s Children's Trauma Initiative which provides training and technical assistance to Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSP) in trauma screening, assessment, and evidence-based models.

Mary also directs the implementation of the evidence-based model, Parent Management Training—Oregon, as it is implemented in the CMHSP system as well as the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Initiative. She is active in the development and implementation of integration of behavioral health in primary care models for children and youth, and she works closely with the University of Michigan in the implementation of the Michigan Child Collaborative Care model in Michigan.

Luann Gray

Luann Gray Luann Gray has worked in Michigan’s Community Mental Health system for over 25 years. Within the system she has held a variety of positions from Intensive Home Base worker to supervisor within the Family and Children’s department. In 2004, she was part of the first Michigan group to be trained in PMTO. In 2007, Luann was invited to become the PMTO State Coordinator. Since taking this position, she has worked with many people to implement and sustain the PMTO model in Michigan. She has been honored to present nationally and internationally on the excellent work we do in Michigan. Luann has always enjoyed teamwork, so she feels it is quite a benefit to see it at play in the work that is done in Michigan from our directors to our families and those working in-between, making a difference every day for the next generation of children. In playing sports and growing up in the Detroit area, Luann feels lucky to see a strong team model in our Detroit Tigers baseball team. GO TIGERS!

Cheryl Greer

Cheryl Greer Cheryl Greer began her career as a crisis telephone counselor and a trainer of empathy counseling and suicide prevention. She has held clinical, administrative, and academic positions over the years. In 2006, Cheryl was part of the first Michigan group to be trained in PMTO and achieved certification as a PMTO Specialist in 2007. Over the next few years, she became certified as a PMTO coach and fidelity rater and became lead coach for Michigan’s PMTO Region 7 (Wayne County). She was appointed as the state lead coach in Michigan in 2014 and collaborates with ISII to provide trainings for PMTO practitioners in Michigan.

More recently, she has become active in PTC and PTC-R. Cheryl’s educational background includes a BA in psychology from Oakland University (1979) and a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University (1982). She has worked for Lincoln Behavioral Services in Wayne County since 1987. Cheryl lives with her daughter, Tami, who currently attends the University of Michigan where she studies computer science and photography. As a PMTO mom, Cheryl shares that she has experienced the confidence that PMTO brings to parenting and the joy it rekindles in family relationships.

Errin Skinner-Liell

Errin Skinner-Liell Errin Skinner-Liell, LMSW, is employed by CMH of Clinton-Eaton-Ingham counties and works out of the Ingham County office. She began there in 2002, after interning in a macro position supporting a student assistance therapeutic program. Errin has gone on to hold several different roles at CEI, including a home-based therapist, student assistance provider in the schools, coordinator for an evidence-based training initiative, and most recently, supervisor for specialty children’s programs. Errin was part of one of the first generations of PMTO training candidates in 2006 and remembers one of her coaches fondly. Her reassuring message that “you are right where you need to be” still echoes encouragingly! She is currently a regional co-coordinator for PMTO and has also served as a coach, FIMPer, and co-trainer. Errin is thankful for the many lessons PMTO has provided (which are lived out daily both at work and home), among them the importance of shining your light on what you want to grow!

Laurin Jozlin

Laurin Jozlin Laurin Jozlin, LMSW, is a clinical analyst at Oakland Community Health Network. She is a PMTO therapist, PMTO state trainer, and PMTO coach. She began her career with CMH at Oakland Family Services in 2011 as a home-based therapist. She was also an intake clinician and outpatient therapist before transitioning to be a home-based supervisor and then to a more administrative role with the Community Mental Health Services Program. She received her master's degree in social work from Michigan State University.

Laurin continues clinical work in a private practice setting and practices her PMTO strategies at home on a daily basis with her two young sons. She enjoys taking naps and playing outside.

Matt Linkowski

Matt Linkowski Matt Linkowski is a child and family therapist working in Saginaw County. He has been a therapist in Saginaw for 16 years. In addition to working with his consumers, Matt is a SOGI (Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity) safe therapist who works to understand the extra burdens of being an identified LGBTQ youth and to advocate for these consumers. He is also part of the Behavioral Champions team in Saginaw County that assists in the development of behavioral plans for CMH consumers.

Matt has been involved with PMTO since 2007. He currently is one of the coordinators for Region 5. He is certified in PMTO, PTC, PTC-R, PTC-RH, and as a coach. He is one of the Michigan’s FIMP raters and trains new PTC candidates.

Matt is married and has three children. On his off time, he likes to watch professional soccer, and he still plays video games.

Rebecca Clore

Rebecca Clore Rebecca Clore, LMSW, has worked for over 19 years in a variety of clinical and administrative roles serving children, youth, and families. In the Southwest Michigan area, Rebecca served as the Children’s Evidence Based and Community Trainer at Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (now ISK) for over 9 years. Most recently, Rebecca was the Quality Services and Compliance Manager at Family & Children Services where she was responsible for the organization’s quality assurance and quality improvement initiatives, supporting outcome and evaluation efforts for behavioral health and child welfare programs, and leading the organization’s accreditation efforts. Rebecca is now the Statewide Fidelity Leader, Trainer, and Coach for Parent Management Training in Michigan, an evidence-based parenting program for families who have children experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, as well as serving in a similar role for Implementation Sciences International, Inc., the developer of the Generation PMTO model.

Robin Floyd

Robin Floyd Robin Floyd, LLMSW, grew up in Detroit, Michigan, with her mother and two older brothers. She studied the cello for multiple years at the Detroit School of Arts. She received her master’s degree in social work with a concentration in community development from Wayne State University in 2015. Robin joined AmeriCorps VISTA after college to help research grants for SER Metro Detroit Youth Build Construction Institute. Robin continues to volunteer in her community at the St. Patrick’s Senior Citizen in Detroit. Robin works at The Children’s Center in Wayne County as the Community Projects supervisor. She oversees the Systems of Care Youth United program. Robin is a self-care advocate and wellness enthusiast. She loves to educate youth in the community about wellness with her company, Balance Care, LLC. She is the PMTO regional coordinator for Region 7. She enjoys working with multiple community partners in efforts to grow the PMTO family!

Alicia Barajas

Alicia Barajas Alicia is a licensed clinical social worker who has been working with children, teens, and families in various capacities for over a decade. Currently, she is a senior mental health therapist at the Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties. She is also certified and the lead state trainer in Parent Management Training—Oregon model (PMTO) and its group format Parenting Through Change (PTC). Alicia is a clinical instructor in Central Michigan University’s School of Social Work and a field instructor for Evidence-based Trauma Treatment students in Michigan State University’s Master of Social Work program. Prior to working in the Community Mental Health system, Alicia worked for Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region and taught middle school in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She is a proud graduate of the Lansing School District and the Michigan State University School of Social Work. She has completed Michigan State University’s Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment Certificate and MSU’s Continuing Education Level I Trauma Certificate and is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her favorite parts of her job include focusing on the strengths of families, playing with Legos, and having dance parties whenever necessary.

Phil Hall

Phil Hall Phil Hall is currently serving as the regional coordinator for Region 6 representing Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe, and Washtenaw Counties. Phil is a member of Generation 1 and was certified as a PMTO specialist in 2007. He subsequently was certified as a coach and PTC group leader. Over the years, Phil has helped to provide training for several generations of PMTO clinicians at the region and state levels, and he has assisted with presentations at the PMTO State Conference. He continues to be inspired by the stories of the many parents who benefit from the hard work of PMTO and PTC clinicians throughout the Michigan.

Lauren Dixon

Lauren Dixon Lauren Dixon is a mental health clinician on the Family and Children’s Services team at West Michigan Community Mental Health. Upon starting her position at WMCMH in 2018, Lauren was quickly introduced to PMTO and achieved certification in 2019. Lauren is currently the regional coordinator for Regions 3 & 4 and training to coach. She appreciates the confidence, support, and focus on strengths PMTO provides at every level—parents, children, clinicians and supervisors alike. Lauren earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree at Central Michigan University and Master of Social Work degree at Grand Valley State University. Lauren currently resides in West Michigan with her husband and their dogs, Dixon and Dilbert.

Laura Rahfeldt-Thomas

Laura Rahfeldt-Thomas Laura Rahfeldt-Thomas is the part-time administrative assistant for the State PMTO office. She creates PMTO portal manuals and clip videos from conferences, trainings and sessions as well as assists Jeremy Conley in the maintenance of the PMTO Portal. If you have a question about our portal, she’s the one to ask.

Laura enjoys working with new PMTO and PTC candidates and knowing that her work contributes to the success of families throughout the state of Michigan. She shares her home with her husband, daughter, and crazy dachshund.

Rachael Barstow

Rachael Barstow Rachael Barstow is the PMTO State Training and Data Planner for the PMTO State Office. She coordinates training events throughout the state, tracks data on family progress and the benefits of PMTO, and provides state support to the clinicians, supervisors, and agencies practicing PMTO. She directly supports the PMTO State Coordinator and manages all CEU events.

Rachael enjoys her work in PMTO and serving the families of Michigan as behind-the-scene support. A Florida native and new to Michigan seasons, she enjoys time outside, snuggling with her dachshunds, and working on her historic home renovations with her husband.

Jeremy Conley

Jeremy Conley Jeremy Conley works closely with his team members Rachael, Laura, and Luann in supporting the Michigan PMTO Portal. He takes the ideas from the team and other clinicians and coaches in the PMTO program throughout the state and implements them as new features and updates to the PMTO portal and website. He appreciates the great suggestions and improvements everyone has contributed to the portal over time and which has continued to improve it and make it even better. He is happy to help support the clinicians that help Michigan families!

When not building virtual things in the portal, Jeremy also loves building LEGOs and watching sci-fi and fantasy TV and movies.