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I’m a parent or caregiver, and my family needs support.

We believe that the evidence-based PMTO program is one of the most effective tools for parents and caregivers. However, we do not offer training and support directly to caregivers. Instead, we train and work with agencies throughout the state of Michigan, so please contact your nearest agency to find a PMTO trained specialist or a PTC group. We do provide an overview of PMTO skills through our MI Parenting Resource Program for parents and caregivers that want more information sooner or a refresher of the skills they’ve previously learned.

I’m a specialist or coach, and I need technical support.

If you can login, please do so and then submit a support ticket by clicking on “Support” at the top of any page for help. If you can’t login, please fill out the contact form below.

I’m looking for PMTO/PTC training in Michigan.

Anyone in the State of Michigan is welcome to come to our brief PMTO Informed training. However, only those employed by a Michigan Community Mental Health Agency are eligible to be fully trained in PMTO or PTC.

I’m looking for PMTO/PTC training, but I’m not in Michigan.

If you’re not in Michigan, you may still be eligible for training through GenerationPMTO in Oregon.

I’m having a mental health emergency.

Please call or text 988 (MiCAL - The Michigan Crisis and Access Line) for immediate assistance.

I need something else or have a different question.

Then please fill out the contact form below!

If you need technical help, please use your registered email so we can look up your account.

Optional: if you would like us to contact you via phone, please let us know your number.

Please be as specific as possible and provide any error messages or anything else that would be helpful in troubleshooting your problem.