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Interested in becoming a PMTO or PTC specialist?

Learn about the 5 steps to become certified.

Step One: Become a PMTO/PTC Informed Professional

Across Michigan, PMTO informed trainings are available, free of charge, to interested professionals. These trainings are organized statewide and regionally and run by coaches, trainers, and specialists who are certified in PMTO and PTC. Trainings offer a glimpse into the Social Interaction Learning Model and Core and Supporting Parenting Principles that are the foundation of PMTO and PTC. Trainings are a wonderful opportunity to get a sneak peek at the model and the active style of training that is the hallmark of PMTO/PTC. Participation in an Informed Training is an expectation before being trained in the full model.

Step Two: Attend State Training

Currently, PMTO and PTC state trainings are each offered 1-2 times a year, and the state office is always exploring new ways to deliver training opportunities to those interested. Applications are released electronically before the start of training, and candidates participate in a pre-training orientation. Most trainings consist of eight days of workshops spread over two to three months and bring together professionals from all across Michigan.

Step Three: Participate in Coaching

All professionals trained in PMTO and PTC are matched with a coach to continue their ongoing learning and use of the skills. Coaching can occur in a variety of formats: in-person, via phone, web-based, and in small groups across the state. Coaching is a supportive format, designed to shine the light on what is going well and support the development and implementation of PMTO and PTC. Trainees video record sessions to review with their coach and can expect to receive two coachings per month while in training and six or more coachings per year after certification is achieved. Coaching is a requirement for certification and re-certification in order to maintain fidelity of the model.

Step: Four: Use PMTO and PTC with Families

Implementation starts during training! Trainees come to the first workshop of training with families or groups ready to start the model, and the first sessions occur before week two of training. This ensures that professionals are able to try out the skills immediately. PMTO professionals will, with the support of their coach, implement the model with at least two training families before being invited to the certification phase. PTC group leaders will run two rounds of the group while in training before being invited to the certification stage by their coach.

Step Five: Apply for Certification

Working together, trainees and coaches will determine when it’s time for certification in the PMTO and PTC model. In each format, coaches will help to identify and submit four recorded sessions that demonstrate fidelity to the PMTO model. These tapes are sent to Fidelity Monitors (known as FIMPers) who review, score, and ultimately certify the candidate. Once certified, a specialist may choose to seek out additional training in the model, with the ability to train and certify in another format, as a coach, or as a FIMPer.