About Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems:

The staff of Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems (TBHS) would like to welcome you and your family to the local community mental health provider for Tuscola County residents. We provide effective, comprehensive, quality treatment to help you deal with your struggles, whether related to mental illness, developmental disability, or co-existing substance use disorder. Co-existing means having two conditions at once, such as a mental illness and a substance use disorder. TBHS recognizes that reaching out for help can be hard. TBHS wants you to know that working together with you and if you choose, your family, helps build the necessary partnership to address your needs openly with care and respect. We will listen to you in detail, call you by your name and accept you as a person.


Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems

323 North State Street, Caro, MI 48723

Call 989.673.6191

Regional Coordinator(s):

Matthew Linkowski, Errin Skinner-Liell


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