About Newaygo County Mental Health:

"To improve and promote the wellness and recovery of persons with, or at risk of, behavioral healthcare needs and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities, who reside in Newaygo County and surrounding communities, through the provision of integrated, person/family-centered and trauma informed services."

Newaygo County Mental Health Center is committed to meeting the challenges of the 21st century. As part of this commitment, the Center will develop the competencies necessary to provide mental health, developmentally disabled, and substance abuse services in a managed care environment. Improving the wellness and recovery of those identified citizens most in need will continue to be the center's primary focus, with prevention, wellness, and recovery programs being the core components in the person/family-centered integrated services.


Newaygo County Mental Health

1049 E Newell Steet, White Cloud, MI 49349

Call 231.689.7330

Regional Coordinator(s):

Matthew Linkowski, Errin Skinner-Liell


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